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Instagram Marketing Guide for SMBs: Do's and Don'ts

Ella, Social Media Expert

Although a lot has changed in the digital realm in the past couple of years, Instagram can still be a powerful platform for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to showcase their products, connect with customers, and boost brand recognition. But to succeed on Instagram, you need a well-thought-out strategy. In this Instagram marketing guide, we'll explore the do's and don'ts to help SMBs harness the full potential of this dynamic platform.

instagram marketing tips for SMB's -
instagram marketing tips for SMB's -

Section 1: Setting Up Your Instagram Business Account


  1. Create a business account: Start by creating a dedicated Instagram business account. It's a vital first step in your Instagram marketing journey.

  2. Optimize your profile: Your profile picture should be a recognizable logo or image, and your bio should be clear and concise, telling visitors what your business is all about.

  3. Include a website link: Make it easy for users to access your website by including a direct link in your bio.

  4. Switch to a Business Profile: To access valuable insights and tools, switch to an Instagram Business Profile.

  5. Connect with Facebook: Linking your Instagram account to your Facebook page can expand your reach.


  1. Avoid low-quality profile pictures.

  2. Don't use a vague or incomplete bio.

  3. Refrain from using a non-relevant or broken website link.

  4. Don't use a personal account for business purposes.

Section 2: Content Creation


  1. Plan your content strategy: A well-planned content strategy ensures consistency and relevance.

  2. Showcase your products or services creatively: Captivate your audience with visually appealing content that highlights your offerings.

  3. Create high-quality content: High-resolution images and well-edited videos make a lasting impression.

  4. Use Instagram Stories: Engage your audience with interactive and ephemeral content through Instagram Stories.

  5. Share user-generated content: Encourage user participation and build a sense of community by sharing their content (with their permission).


  1. Avoid overposting: Maintain a balance to prevent overwhelming your followers.

  2. Don't post blurry or low-quality images.

  3. Refrain from using inconsistent branding.

  4. Avoid excessive filters or overediting.

Section 3: Engagement and Interaction


  1. Interact with your followers: Foster a sense of community by actively engaging with your audience through comments and direct messages.

  2. Respond promptly: Timely responses to comments and messages enhance customer satisfaction.

  3. Use relevant hashtags: Extend your reach by including trending and relevant hashtags in your posts.

  4. Collaborate with influencers or other businesses: Partnering with influencers can expand your reach and credibility.

  5. Run contests or giveaways: Encourage engagement by hosting fun contests or giveaways.


  1. Avoid ignoring comments or direct messages.

  2. Don't engage in negative interactions or public disputes.

  3. Refrain from overusing hashtags, which can appear spammy.

  4. Avoid excessive self-promotion.

Section 4: Measuring Success


  1. Use Instagram Insights: Instagram's built-in analytics tool provides valuable data on your performance.

  2. Set clear goals and KPIs: Define your objectives, whether it's increasing brand awareness or driving sales.

  3. Monitor your follower growth: Keep an eye on your followers to track growth trends.

  4. Adjust your strategy: Analyze data to adapt your Instagram marketing strategy.

  5. Test different posting times and content types: Experiment to find what works best for your audience.


  1. Don't rely solely on follower count as a measure of success.

  2. Avoid making impulsive changes without analyzing data.

  3. Refrain from ignoring the performance of your content.

Section 5: Advertising on Instagram


  1. Consider using Instagram Ads: Reach a larger and highly targeted audience by utilizing Instagram Ads.

  2. Use well-crafted ad copy and visuals: Create visually appealing ads with concise, persuasive copy.

  3. Define your target audience: Narrow down your target audience to maximize ad effectiveness.

  4. Run A/B tests: Experiment with different ad variations to optimize your ad campaigns.

  5. Monitor and analyze ad performance: Regularly track and adjust your ad campaigns based on real-time data.


  1. Avoid overcomplicating ad content.

  2. Don't target broad or irrelevant audiences.

  3. Refrain from running ads without a clear objective.


Succeeding on Instagram takes effort, creativity, and strategy. Remember to remain authentic, interact with your audience, and measure your progress. To maximize the potential of your social media marketing, consider signing up for myElla is your virtual marketing assistant, offering tailored recommendations and insights to take your Instagram marketing to the next level.

Unlock your brand's potential with today, and let's elevate your Instagram marketing game!

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