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Why join the myElla affiliate program?

1. Because sharing is caring :)
2. Because your community, followers, customers, and friends can also use a helping hand with their social media marketing, and we appreciate the referral! So whenever you get them to sign up with your special link, we will pay you 25% of their subscription price.

How It Works
Distribute your unique affiliate link in an engaging & appealing manner

Whether you recommend myElla through your online community or integrate your recommendation into quality articles or blogs - all you need to do is introduce the benefits to new potential users.

Help your audiences make the most of the platform

Once you get your users signed up, we will equip you with tips and best practices that you can further distribute to ensure the users you bring in stay engaged and maximize the benefits of - ensuring longer retention and higher earnings for you! 

Start with 25% recurring commissions and grow with us!

For every user that subscribes to a paid plan through your link, you’ll earn 25% recurring commissions for up to 12 months! The longer they stay - the more you earn. Once you've referred 100 subscribers or more - your commissions grow to 30%, and at 200 referrals - you become a Gold Partner! 

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